MotorBrains’ goal in our qualitative and idea generation work is to provide genuine insights and on-target, innovative product and service ideas to our customers.

Embracing the individuality of your brand – and consumers’ relationships with that brand – is part of what makes our approach successful. We also practice a “no-template” philosophy with each project, focusing on constructing just the right questions and creative divergence techniques to custom-address each and every challenge.

Jim Fischer – Principal

Jim offers over 20 years of qualitative and idea generation experience. His project work spans the US and the world, having designed and facilitated insight and ideation processes for global blue-chip clients. Prior to founding MotorBrains with Kathy Nelson, Jim’s past positions included Research International and CNA Financial. Jim holds a master’s degree in communications from Northwestern University. As a member of QRCA, Jim continually expands his skill set via conferences and workshops.

The Team

MotorBrains’ custom qualitative and idea generation team also includes:

  • Videographers: For in-home, in-store or wherever projects take us
  • In-depth telephone interviewers: For select businesses and company stakeholders
  • Illustrators: For creative stimulation in groups and visual articulation of test-ready concepts