Qualitative research

From evaluating brand communications to doing deep-dive exploratory, we put consumers and business people in truth-telling mode to give you actionable insights.

The right approach is key — we’ll help you choose the right method for your project, be it live or on-line; full groups, mini groups, dyads or triads; in-homes, shopalongs or mobile research.

Our deliverable is critical insights and focused recommendations, in the format that suits your team best.

MotorBrains’ qualitative experience includes significant package-goods research, as well as financial and B to B work. Please have a look at our “clients” page.

Idea generation

Whether the challenge is designing new juice flavors, industrial kitchen processes, insurance company positionings or innovative backpack designs … MotorBrains will help you break creative barriers and produce usable results.

We look at these creative challenges from many angles, building ideation sessions that deliver innovations by platform, consumer target and mindset. Importantly, we help create ideas that align with your strategy and are undeniably in tune with your goals and objectives.

The who and how assure successful ideation — Whether calling upon an internal team, creatively-trained consumers or a co-creation approach that utilizes both, we work with you to determine the best participant configuration for your idea generation project. Divergence is an important part of our creative process. During ideation we employ a gamut of creative thinking techniques to stimulate participants and produce breakthrough ideas.

You’ll get clearly written concepts after ideation – ready to test with your consumer or business target.